MLK Tournament Protocol

From Tournament Director 

1.  We recommend only 1 parent for gold brackets, we will rely on the honesty of parents and will not turn anyone away, but would like to request.

2.   Format - 4 team pool on 2 courts, all teams play, one parent from each team will do lines, and one parent will either flip or do the scoresheet.  They will not be expected to do the entire scoresheet, they will do portions, like running score and lineups.  They do not have to be certified.

There will not be an R2, if all teams are playing, there are not coaches to R2 and we would not want an uncertified parent from one of the teams in that position.

These parents do not need to be registered, BG or Safesport, as they will not have direct contact on an individual basis with kids.  The liability insurance is the same as if they were sitting courtside and were injured by a ball for example.

This format enables us to not have courtside the work team, work team parents, the off team and off team parents, so it drastically reduces the number of people at the court.  All spectators are asked to wear a mask per region rules.