From the North Texas Region - USA Volleyball (1/3)

North Texas Region - USA Volleyball


This is a reminder of the step by step sanction guidelines to help enforce the mandatory face mask requirement for coaches, players and spectators during a match. These steps are to be used after a reminder has been given to each team, not to each parent or player. There is a  difference in forgetting and defiance of the rule. These apply to coaches, players and spectators of each team. Reminder they may remove mask to drink and then replace mask. Gimmicks to avoid the mandate will be treated as defiance. On court players do not have to mask at this time. Only when off the court.


  1. Yellow card - team delay
  2. Red card - point awarded(coach needs to be reminded next step is forfeit)
  3. R1 steps off stand to request HR - Match forfeit(it is too late to comply by this step)
  4. HR will determine if this will be match forfeit or tournament disqualification ( this be based on the person leaving the premise with player or parent without further escalation)


Here is step by step guidelines for off team players and parents to help enforce to mandatory face mask rule. Mask may be removed to drink and eat briefly. 


  1. R1,HR or Facility will remind when seen.
  2. Facility, R1 or HR will contact head coach of team to get involved to help correct the situation( parent and player must leave the event) 
  3. Facility and HR will determine if refusal will be next match forfeit or tournament disqualification.


NTR will  review the matter to determine if any further sanction or fine to the club or member. Clubs are responsible to ensure protocols are met by players, parents, coaches and spectators. 



As a reminder only 2 coaches may be on the bench. Any additional coaches will be asked to leave the bench area only once with a team delay and then we will follow the same guidelines of in match  face masks.   Coaches also need to remember that their court demeanor is mirrored by their team and parents.



It is fully expected that the clubs have expressed proper parent conduct at all event since they represent your club. In 3 weeks of event we have had parents walk on to courts or yell profanity. Bigger shocker is that these were on 11s, 12s and 13s teams. A young coach did not know how to deal with the issue in one. In another the coach did not step in from what we have been told because they did not agree with the call either.

Work Teams

Each of you is doing what is needed to make sure there is a season and that your business or your club is successful given the current situation. The events are doing what they need to do to ensure they are sanctioned and meeting required mandates to ensure there are events to play in. Parents are being asked to step in to help. 99% will step up when called uponbecause they want their athlete to play. This will take some grace on all involved until we can get back to normal formats with proper work teams.



The grace period for player roster issue has expired. Staff has been sending roster updates since week one. MLK was sent out last week for each club attending and the expectation is that all will be correct. It is highly suggested each coach be sent their Sports Engine roster to save should they be asked any question by HR or staff. 



The grace period for uniforms has expired. All must meet USAV guidelines.


Thank you for all your help in ensuring this club season is a success as we work through all required mandates.